Welcome to my website! I am a graduate student at Clemson University in the Mathematical Sciences Department.


I am currently a graduate student at Clemson University in the Mathematical Sciences Department.

My hobbies are board games, card games, tennis, cycling, and golf.  Some board games I have been playing recently are Timeline, Above and Below, Lords of Waterdeep, Imhotep, and One Night Ultimate Werewolf.  My favorite card games are Euchre and Bridge.  I like watching Clemson football and basketball and going to baseball games.




My current research is in group testing by Bayesian statistical modeling with Dr. McMahan.   The Aptima Combo 2 Assay tests for Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae.  If patient samples are pooled together and subsequently the pool sample yields a negative test result, then you could say every individual has a negative test result.  Pooling tests can save time and money in a clinical laboratory.

The goal of my research is to model a heterogeneous patient population, with imperfect testing in various testing formats.

My previous research with Dr. Rouse solved a conjecture by Paul Bruckman and Peter Anderson on the prime divisibility of the Fibonacci entry point.

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I have been teaching at Clemson University for the last 5 years as a Graduate Teacher of Record.

I have taught (530) 529-8134,  Statistics for Science and Engineering (Math 3020), masterhood, Calculus of One Variable I (Math 1060).

I have been a teaching assistant for Numerical Methods for Engineers (Math 3650), Introductory Business Statistics (Stat 3090), Theory of Probability (Math 4000), Algebra I (Math 4120), Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations (Math 2080), Statistical Methods I (Stat 2300), Statistical Methods I (Stat 8010/8011).

I have privately tutored Linear Algebra (Math 3110), Introductory Business Statistics (Stat 3090), Business Calculus I (Math 1020), Business Calculus II (Math 2070)


Contact me via email (pcubre) ** (at) ** (gmail.com).